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The Death Girl Porsche

Nikki Catsouras gruesome images also known as Girl Porsche. Are the photos of famous car crashes. There are many car accidents that happen on the road every day and many of them are horrible. If you search the Internet a bit, you'll find countless images of bloody deaths in road accidents. But none of those killed became as famous as Porsche Girl, Nikki Catsouras. Why? Read on to find out.
Nikki Catsouras Accident - What exactly happened

Nicole Catsouras was a good young girl. He was 18 when he had a little argument because she was using drugs (cocaine). His father, Christos Catsouras that day could have cried after he found out and took the car keys. As a result, Nikki Catsouras stole the keys to your Porsche Carrera $ 150 thousand dollars, led to the highway, and no experience driving, it took more than 100 miles per hour

The leading Porsche was able to reach high speeds and Nikki took advantage of it. He was well above the speed limit when he crashed a Honda car driving down the highway at 70 mph nearly killing the people inside. Nikki made the shock of losing control of the car, its fast Porsche ran off the highway almost rolling around pedestrians and crashed at full speed in the concrete

Nikki Catsouras died on the spot. Basically, half of his head was severed, as caught between the solid concrete and a fast Porsche more than 100 miles per hour. Nikki Catsouras, formerly a hot girl, became a bloody mess with his head completely destroyed. Nikki's brain was all over the place and blood filled the floor mingling with the automotive fluids. It was not a pretty sight.
Photos of the death of Nikki Catsouras

Police were called to the scene and did what they always do - they took photos of the car accident. As he hit at high speed, the images of death are pretty awful, but nothing that the highway patrol did not deal with every day. However, there was something special about Nikki Catsouras - which does not always look super hot blonde girl destroyed in this way. Usually hot blondes play cat and mouse, teasing for fun staff, and there she was, completely screwed.

When the images were processed, one of the officers of the California Highway Patrol involved in the case of the death of Nikki Catsouras sent the images to a colleague, and some pictures that mess came to light, starting with the phenomenon of Internet known as The Girl Porshe.
Porsche Girl born

A web site after another, posted photos of Nikki Catsouras before and after the accident. The after pictures were so bloody that never ceased to impress anyone who saw them. Porsche Girl became a mass phenomenon during the night and continued to grow, making people sick to their stomachs clueless.
Problems began when the youth thought it would be fun to make fun of with pictures of Nikki Catsouras Catsouras bleeding. Needless to say, the Catsouras were devastated by the loss of her beautiful teenage daughter, but what's more, she died horribly. It looked so bad, it was thought that their families would be better not to see. That was not what they had in mind the youth of the internet.

Following growth of the phenomenon of Girl Porshe, the Catsouras comenzarpn to receive e-mails disguised as something else, but containing images of the death of Nikki Catsouras. His father Christos is a real estate agent (thus driving a Porsche, worth $ 150 000), so they were sending emails that looked like a camouflaged customer interested in buying a good property, but when opened, contained Nikki pictures of dead.
Other villains have created profiles on social networks like MySpace who claimed to be in honor of a beautiful Nikki Catsouras. Because of these characteristics of the profiles, slide presentations began with the reproduction of images of their happy days, but then it became a joke in bad taste to show the terrible images of death.

Having lots of money, Christos Catsouras hired a company called "Reputation Defender" to help remove accident photos Nikki Catsouras of the network, and almost were able to eliminate them altogether. One after another the site was eliminated, and soon had become a difficult product to find. Things took an unexpected turn on March 21, 2008, when Catsouras had lost the lawsuit brought against the California Highway Patrol for leaking the photos.Controversy in the photos of the Porsche Girl

 In spite of the extremely bloody photo Porsche Girl, many people feel that Nikki Catsouras deserved it. She was the one who disobeyed his father, it was she who was above the speed limit on the road and it was she who crashed into another vehicle and nearly kills some pedestrians. The sight of a teenager destroyed in this way, usually because people pity. However, it was Nikki who endangered the lives of others by driving recklessly, so many people think it was better that she died before he killed someone else, Aguiar innocent.
The Girl Porshe dispute continues, and almost no one midpoint. There are people who hate the pictures of extremely explicit content, but others think that these photos should be mandatory in all driving schools to ensure that young people will have more responsibility when driving.

I agree with one thing - no need to mock the Catsouras with images of the death of his daughter. That was stupid that should never have taken place. However, these images must be seen. It was purely and simply the lack of Nikki Catsouras and nobody else. If it had been responsible, had not been any Girl Porshe.
Then I show them pictures of the infamous Porsche Girl. Nikki is dead and nothing can bring her back. I am a firm believer that these images must be seen to make young drivers have more responsibility to lead and not take things lightly.

Nikki Catsouras in life


  1. I don't feel sorry for this spoil dingbat. Why is everyone so sad for this stupid girl. You should be feeling bad for the people in the other car she hit. All they say about the other victims is they took them to the hospital and to tell you the truth i bet they didn't make it. We don't see any updates about them so how do we know they even made it.She did everyone a favor. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!

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