Saturday, 30 July 2011

girl dies

* The deceased, a minor, had been missing since Sunday, so his parents reported the fact
* The high school student said he was with a friend to do a task, but it was the home of her boyfriend, hence no more was heard until Tuesday was found dead
* The police investigator is already investigating the alleged boyfriend to testify about the facts

Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Thursday May 12, 2011 .- The body of a child was found dead lying in a vacant lot and a state of putrefaction, about 200 meters from the headquarters of the Municipal Police of the City of Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán .

The chilling discovery was Tuesday at approximately 13:30 hours in the neighborhood my orchestra, in the spot Mi Ranchito, part Xoxocotlán. Apparently the woman was strangled by her own belt.
After finding the body, an anonymous person made a call to emergency number 066, so the place desk personnel arrived murder of the Deputy Care Crimes High Impact (SADAI) accompanied by experts of the Office of state courts, as well as the head of the table and performed testified the first steps in place.
He later arrived at the same place Mr. Joel Martinez, who said it since last Sunday, the deceased, who was his daughter had disappeared, and since that time they were looking.
Knowing that they had found a dead woman, the bereaved father felt a hunch, and so was his sixth sense was wrong, and that the site recognized the body of his daughter named Alma Martínez Martínez Deyci 16 years of age high school student, and as people said it was very disobedient, the less dead lived in the neighborhood of La Soledad in the same Xoxocotlán.

The prosecutor in turn made the first steps and initiated a preliminary investigation, also turned automatically to the State Investigation Agency (IEA) to be avoquen to investigate the case and give the whereabouts of the criminal.

Later, claiming the body, in the local amphitheater "Dr. Manuel Matos, "the father explained that Sunday disappeared the least, she said she was going home from a friends to do a task, but in reality it was the home of her boyfriend.

According to unofficial data, indicate that high school student was a child very restless, very naughty and that she liked going to have fun.

Some theories suggest that the girl may have been murdered in the house of her boyfriend and then blown away in that empty lot, the less has facial injuries and the strangulation mark.

Injured during training jiu jitsu

hung limp toe bones

Death with Brass Knuckles

Mentally deranged butchers

Ciudad Reynosa, Tam.-sadistic murder Jarachina record in North colony, where a "deranged mind," he cut to less presumed revenge, as the mother of the deceased had been separated from her, so far the authorities are in search of the murderer.
Body Parts less were found in a drum of water and several more in a house next to which he lived, so the authorities believe that the murder was perpetrated by ex-partner who was his mother, so research this murder.
The report was received by the frequency of the Ministerial Police, which reported the death of a woman in Violet Street, number 123, the colony Jarachina North where items came from the municipal police, state police, personnel from the area of ​​Expert Services and the Prosecutor on duty, who testified ministerial body.
At first glance, part of the chest was within the drum of water Rotoplas, while the authorities investigate the house, they realized that in an address that was towards the rear of the property had more body parts such as legs and arms .
The gruesome find was discovered by Miriam Mendoza Meza, 29-year-old who could not believe what had happened and who was given notice to the police, while being identified as the least Melina Meza Mendoza, 17 years old, who lived in that house.
It was learned that the mother of the deceased remained romantically involved with Salvador Favela War, 40 years old and who had separated, so it is presumed that revenge was the now fugitive who killed the child.
Authorities are investigating the murder, while the Fiscal Third in turn, sent the body of the child be transferred to facilities Semefo, where the medical examiner will apply the law and subsequent autopsy will be waiting to claim their relatives the body.

Death in a concrete mixer

THE mysterious death of an Elm Park man - found dead in a concrete mixer - is to be reinvestigated after four years of torture for his family.

Lee Balkwell's father, Les, has always insisted his son was murdered, and has finally received his wish for another probe into the bizarre incident.

Lee, 33, of Jersey Road, Elm Park, was killed at Upminster Concrete, in Baldwins Farm, Dennises Lane, Upminster. He was found crushed in the mechanisms of a mixing lorry at about 1.30am on July 18, 2002. He had only recently become a father to son Henry, who is now four.

Tuesday's news that aspects of the investigation are being looked at again has given Les, 59, a boost following his tireless efforts sending letters and arranging meetings with police and Hornchurch MP James Brokenshire, who took up his plight last year.

Les said: "Senior officers have agreed to investigate Lee's death further.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Torture women in Nayarit

The agents were able to see that the place had been abandoned body of a woman who was pregnant same as the first expert reports. In addition he was tied hand and foot, a plastic bag covered his face had been brutally tortured.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Heart Attack While Bathing

Maybe he suffered a heart attack while bathing

Are identified, investigators have arrested a disgusting smells

Friday, 1 July 2011

Soldiers Beheaded

from which country these soldiers?

Misplaced Ankle

Death On Highway

This is what happens when you're not careful when passing across

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