Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mentally deranged butchers

Ciudad Reynosa, Tam.-sadistic murder Jarachina record in North colony, where a "deranged mind," he cut to less presumed revenge, as the mother of the deceased had been separated from her, so far the authorities are in search of the murderer.
Body Parts less were found in a drum of water and several more in a house next to which he lived, so the authorities believe that the murder was perpetrated by ex-partner who was his mother, so research this murder.
The report was received by the frequency of the Ministerial Police, which reported the death of a woman in Violet Street, number 123, the colony Jarachina North where items came from the municipal police, state police, personnel from the area of ​​Expert Services and the Prosecutor on duty, who testified ministerial body.
At first glance, part of the chest was within the drum of water Rotoplas, while the authorities investigate the house, they realized that in an address that was towards the rear of the property had more body parts such as legs and arms .
The gruesome find was discovered by Miriam Mendoza Meza, 29-year-old who could not believe what had happened and who was given notice to the police, while being identified as the least Melina Meza Mendoza, 17 years old, who lived in that house.
It was learned that the mother of the deceased remained romantically involved with Salvador Favela War, 40 years old and who had separated, so it is presumed that revenge was the now fugitive who killed the child.
Authorities are investigating the murder, while the Fiscal Third in turn, sent the body of the child be transferred to facilities Semefo, where the medical examiner will apply the law and subsequent autopsy will be waiting to claim their relatives the body.

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