Friday, 31 August 2012

Killed or bewitched

It is not known if this Brazilian woman committed suicide or offered his soul to the devil. Or maybe she was killed for some black magic ritual, as the area where the body was found was well known for the rituals. They found traces of rat poison into the mouth of the woman. His face was partially eaten by dogs (With dogs, you would not exist without this item ... exited).

Twin babies and mothers die axed

Merciless Cruelty

لا ترحم القسوة
இரக்கமற்ற கொடுமை

Girl naked from the sea

 Chinese girl, wrapped in plastic and thrown into the sea

10 heads, 7 men and 3 women

 head cut off सिर काट 砍掉腦袋 отрубили голову

Mexico, in the vicinity of the municipal slaughterhouse located in Teloloapan were located in the early hours of Sunday, ten human heads.

According to early reports, after combing the area, the authorities stated that they had found the bodies, so presumably were decapitated elsewhere.

It should be noted that the authorities have maintained secrecy about the find, because two days before he disappeared two elements of the Preventive Police Teloloapan since Saturday.


Also on the night, three people were executed by firing gun at his head. The bodies of two women and a man were thrown on the street 100 meters from the C4 in Acapulco, Guerrero.

Killed, slashed and burned

..probably also raped first

Fake or Real

I doubt the veracity of this but I had to share it..

Carcass of the mother and fetus

“Coffin Birth” is generally considered a rare event in pathology. The below images are from a 2008 homicide case of a 38-year-old woman who was 7 months pregnant. She had disappeared from her home in Panama and was found several days later in a state of advanced putrefaction. She had been gagged and had a plastic bag tied around her head. The fetus was discovered in the woman’s underwear at the moment of undressing the body for autopsy. The advanced state of decomposition was a consequence of the heat and humidity of the environment in which the bodies were found.

Carcass of the mother and fetus are almost decomposed

Figure 1 : Detail of the upper part of the corpse of the woman in an advanced state of putrefaction with a piece of cloth inserted in the mouth (arrow).

Figure 3: Fetal parts and umbilical cord found inside the mother’s underwear.

Figure 4: Fetus with umbilical cord and placenta in an advanced state of decay.

Cute girl torturing own arm

Cute girl..
high endurance..
not fear of pain...
love doing crazy!  


Friday, 24 August 2012

Survived even half his face shattered

This is the story of Soldier Giovane, of the 5th Regiment of Combat Cars (RCC), in Rio Negro, Parana. Few people know that this military tried to take his own life in 2005. Today, no doubt, is a life lesson: Suicide does not solve anything. Not worth it to kill yourself!

Giovane after reconstructive plastic surgery

Giovane lucky, lucky to be alive. The gun he used in an attempt to kill himself was simply a Light Automatic Rifle (FAL). The caliber 7.62 x 51 mm, in turn, needs no comment when it comes to destructive power. Still, the military sat on the toilet in the bathroom of the Body Guard and put the barrel of the FAL (533mm) under the chin. He was determined to shoot.

Explosive charge of ammunition FAL is superior to the AK-47

However, he could not reach the trigger deadly. Giovane then decided to tilt the body to the left to make the shot. Thus, the soldier took the brain of the route of the bullet, which entered his chin and out the right side of the face. The damage, as was to be expected was great.

Fortunately, the military survived. He was rushed by his colleagues at the General Hospital of Curitiba (HGeC), which provides full support to the 5th RCC. After several hours of surgery, ICU, doctors were able to repair the trauma caused by gunshot, contain severe bleeding and even reconstruct partially the victim's face.

By divine grace Giovane the soldier did not die. Certainly, it will stay forever with sequels that act insane, but that will act as a miracle, a lesson intended, perhaps, to many who think or have thought about committing suicide.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Eye stabbed with pruning shears

Leroy Luetscher, 86, lives in Green Valley, Arizona. On 30 July 2011 he was trimming plants in his backyard when he lost his balance and fell on his face, pruning shears.

A handlebar shear entered his skull through his eye socket and stopped right in the neck.

Burnt flesh

The foundry Schulz reported that investigate the occupational accident responsible for the death of Neumar Moraes Bueno, 21. The worker had 100% of his body burned with iron, just before midnight on Monday. He came to be taken to St. Joseph Hospital, but died around 6:20 a.m. on Tuesday.

The corporate director Joel Schulz de Oliveira says the company still does not know how and for what reasons the worker had his accident. The Commission for the Prevention of Accidents (CIPA) is investigating the case.

- We do not know if there was a mechanical failure on the part of the worker, or what. We believe that this process be thorough and take days to complete - explains Oliveira.

Neumar worked at the company since April 22, 2007. The corporate director says the company will assist the family of the employee, including the transport of the body to his hometown.

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