Friday, 31 August 2012

Carcass of the mother and fetus

“Coffin Birth” is generally considered a rare event in pathology. The below images are from a 2008 homicide case of a 38-year-old woman who was 7 months pregnant. She had disappeared from her home in Panama and was found several days later in a state of advanced putrefaction. She had been gagged and had a plastic bag tied around her head. The fetus was discovered in the woman’s underwear at the moment of undressing the body for autopsy. The advanced state of decomposition was a consequence of the heat and humidity of the environment in which the bodies were found.

Carcass of the mother and fetus are almost decomposed

Figure 1 : Detail of the upper part of the corpse of the woman in an advanced state of putrefaction with a piece of cloth inserted in the mouth (arrow).

Figure 3: Fetal parts and umbilical cord found inside the mother’s underwear.

Figure 4: Fetus with umbilical cord and placenta in an advanced state of decay.

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