Friday, 24 August 2012

Survived even half his face shattered

This is the story of Soldier Giovane, of the 5th Regiment of Combat Cars (RCC), in Rio Negro, Parana. Few people know that this military tried to take his own life in 2005. Today, no doubt, is a life lesson: Suicide does not solve anything. Not worth it to kill yourself!

Giovane after reconstructive plastic surgery

Giovane lucky, lucky to be alive. The gun he used in an attempt to kill himself was simply a Light Automatic Rifle (FAL). The caliber 7.62 x 51 mm, in turn, needs no comment when it comes to destructive power. Still, the military sat on the toilet in the bathroom of the Body Guard and put the barrel of the FAL (533mm) under the chin. He was determined to shoot.

Explosive charge of ammunition FAL is superior to the AK-47

However, he could not reach the trigger deadly. Giovane then decided to tilt the body to the left to make the shot. Thus, the soldier took the brain of the route of the bullet, which entered his chin and out the right side of the face. The damage, as was to be expected was great.

Fortunately, the military survived. He was rushed by his colleagues at the General Hospital of Curitiba (HGeC), which provides full support to the 5th RCC. After several hours of surgery, ICU, doctors were able to repair the trauma caused by gunshot, contain severe bleeding and even reconstruct partially the victim's face.

By divine grace Giovane the soldier did not die. Certainly, it will stay forever with sequels that act insane, but that will act as a miracle, a lesson intended, perhaps, to many who think or have thought about committing suicide.

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