Friday, 29 April 2011

Baby Soup Recipes

Forget the Soup Nazi, how about some Chinese Baby Soup? First is was Asians eating black people for lunch.  Now the hot thing is Chinese bay Soup, made from a fresh fetus of an aborted baby.  The fake news report goes like this:

Very disturbing pictures are now spreading across the internet about a certain delicacy which could be found in China. A town in Canton is now on trend making baby herbal soup to increase health and sexual performance/stamina. The cost of the fetus soup in China currency is approximately $ 4000 (around RMB 2000).

A factory manager was interviewed and he testified that it is effective because he have tried it and is a frequent customer. It is a delicacy whereby expensive herbs are added to boil the baby with chicken meat for 8 hours boiling/steaming. He was interviewed with his second and very young wife, who is only 19 while he is now 62. He testifies the potency of the fetus soup and he was able to make love with his wife everyday.

"Spare rib soup" local code for fetus soup is being served to local restaurants in Canton. Couples who would like to abort their babies, could just go to these local restaurants and sell the aborted baby for 2,000RMB (China currency). These local restaurants also accepts placentas for several hundreds if couples do not want to sell their babies.

It is very disturbing to mention that most fetus served in these local restaurants are female babies. This is due to the fact that majority of Chinese prefers to have male babies and those poorer families usually end up selling their female babies.

The truth? Can you handle the truth? These photos are actually lifted from a conceptual art piece by Chinese sculptor Zhu Yu. He makes realistic human organs, pieces of faces, babies and such and displays them like you would buy meat in the grocery store. They are indeed made from food products, you could actually eat them, but there's no human tissue in them. So dig in, and pass the dumplings! Here are a few more juicy photos to whet your appetite:

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