Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Gruesome Souvenirs From Babies Autopsy

Autopsy Babies, created by Jeremi R. and Nicole Elise, are hand-painted custom-made dolls that represent babies that are either horribly deformed, mutilated or mutated. Each creation is unique and due to demand they are usually auctioned off through EBay (although some are sold directly at a fixed price and a couple have been given away).

Of course these dolls have garnered their fair share of controversy, with many people complaining that they set a bad example and serve as inspiration for violent crime. Others find them to be genuine works of art and they have been the subject of articles in Bizarre Magazine and FHM France/UK.

Gruesome Souvenirs
they are amazingly disturbing!

Retail Value $200.00-up 

your child to care 
love your child 
say no to abortion 

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