Monday, 16 May 2011

Girl Murdered and Mutilated

The body of Jennifer Aparecida da Silva (20), a biology student, was found mutilated in a vacant lot in the neighborhood of Agua Azul.

The student went missing when she left to go to the university. The family reported the disappearance to the police after a fellow student called to her home stating that she had not gone to work in the afternoon.

An uncle of Jennifer found her in an area nearby the house where she lived. Parts of her arms, abdomen and legs had been ripped out. She was also scalped. There is a suspicion of rape.

Police at the scene reported that the student may have also been eaten by animals, possibly dogs.

The Police said only the victim's cell phone was stolen. A purse and her clothes were found nearby her body.

No one has been arrested yet.

1 comment:

  1. What the police doing here, it's really a irresponsibility of the police who still yet not found about the reason of the death.
    may be it done by any animal, but may be a murder.


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