Friday, 13 May 2011

Twins, two heads attached to single body

A woman in China has given birth to one rare baby girl whom the doctors consider conjoined twins; there are two heads attached to single body of the said girl. The baby girl was reportedly born in Sichuan province during last week, by Caesarean section. Further, the twins share two arms and one pair of legs.

In medical terms, the condition these twin sisters suffer from is described as dicephalic parapagus. According to doctors, the condition is extremely rare and kind unusual form and seldom one would see twins with conjoinmen that results in developing only one, single body. Since such conjoined twins share the same body; separating these dicephalic parapagus babies is beyond possibility.

Pretty strange though, but as a matter of fact there are only two places in the entire world where most of such cases have been reported – Africa and southwestern Asia. Such rare babies normally develop when a fertilized human egg cell, by any reason(s), fails to divide equally and fully. Even in West, few such occurrences have been reported where dicephalic parapagus kids were born.

Lisa Chamberlain for instance, who belonged to Portsmouth, had such twins born to her named Joshua and Jayden. The twins were born in the month of July, 2009 and according to reports they too shared one complete body. The doctors had pronounced that Joshua was a stillborn baby however the other brother Jayden breathed for exactly 32 minutes; eventually he had died in the arms of his sad mother.

Similarly, Abigail and her sister Brittany Hensel belong to Minnesota, U.S. and they are also sharing single but perfectly normal body and according to latest information; they have turned 21. Once the sisters showed up at Oprah Winfrey Show as media celebrities and in addition; they have made appearances in several documentaries made for television.

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